Efficient timetracking for people with better things to do

If you enjoy scrolling through long lists of projects and tasks whenever you need to track time — this is probably not for you

"I believe that timetracking is an integral part of running an efficient business. I also believe that existing timetracking apps are generally annoying for people to use as they require tedious interaction to track accurately. I intend to solve that problem by providing an app that follows a simple principle: tracking time accurately shouldn't disrupt the user's flow."
— Mikkel Schmidt, Founder

With Circadio, you will be tracking time with a single click, enabling you to focus on your job instead of timetracking. When you're ready, you can provide additional information and finally sync your time to your project management system.

Circadio will notify you when you forget to start a timer, and will ask you what to do with the missing time, when it wakes up after your laptop lost its power. Circadio can be configured to fit your way of working. If you want it to, it will tell you when to go home, when you're overloaded with work, when you can take on new tasks and much more.

Circadio is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Stop wasting energy on managing your time, sign up for Circadio today!

Officially supported systems

At the moment, Circadio only supports 5PM. Support will expand to other popular platforms in the near future.

The order of implementation of new API's is based on user requests and contributions.

You can request support for your preferred platform right here.

Custom plugins (eventually)

If you are a developer you will soon be able to make your own plugins for Circadio, it only requires knowledge of traditional javascript.

Libraries will be available to your script to make network communications easy. Just follow the simple API, test it out, and you're good to go.

Free of charge during BETA

Circadio is currently in beta. Support for more project management systems will be developed during the beta period, as well as a public API for custom extensions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please help make Circadio even better by reporting bugs and issues at Github.

The final release will be subscription based, with a small monthly fee.

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